0 Hustler Spirit at this university.

There is no reason to suspect that Ashoka is an elite university; the majority of students here are the children of wealthy parents, despite the fact that we are provided with need-based financial aid. When you look around, everybody here appears to be very pampered and excluded from the hardships of everyday life. Everything was served to them on a plate. I often wonder how someone who has never witnessed the everyday difficulties of impoverished people and their families can study and talk about Ambedkar, Marx, and others. How can they claim to represent these underprivileged and marginalized communities if they have always aided their oppression in some way? I’ve always felt that some level of hardship is vital and required in one’s life at this age since it teaches you a lot about life and helps you develop your personality; you will never be remarkable until you go through some type of hardship. The university has more or less become a pleasure island since the pandemic. The student spirit has vanished, there is no longer any student hustling, and there is no desire to innovate and contribute to the community. I’m not sure if it’s the university’s system’s fault, because the university has always given all necessary resources, but it has made students feel quite at ease. I attempted to accomplish a lot of things during my three years at Ashoka University, and I’m still trying to do them as I write this article. I assumed the environment would be conducive, and the students would share my entrepreneurial attitude. I tried to form a hyperloop team at Ashoka University to compete in a yearly competition organized by SpaceX in my first year, but I couldn’t find suitable people. I attempted to create an application that would record all of the biodiversity in your immediate vicinity, but I was unable to locate competent individuals. I attempted to build a start-up for crowd control in a variety of congested areas but was unable to do so due to a lack of interested individuals. The students at this university lack the motivation to achieve much; all they want to do is do assignments, get good grades, and drink on the weekends. This is detrimental to the university’s growth because the students are its driving force. I feel I would have done a lot better at this place if I had found the appropriate individuals; I couldn’t find people who shared my mentality, which is something Ashoka couldn’t give. Yes, it is an excellent location for academics and research, but not for innovation.

On-campus, the entrepreneurship atmosphere is very insufficient and poorly developed; recently, I’ve noticed that not only the students but also the department, seem unable to truly assist the students in expanding something and fostering a culture among them; all the department does is arrange a few talks and an annual event called Startup Ashoka. A 36-hour event in which you must come up with a concept, build it, and pitch it is a messy event since nothing productive comes out of it, no startup idea survives the event, and it is honestly is just for fun. The entrepreneurship department is still growing, and it isn’t doing anything to foster a culture on campus. The majority of the academics in the department are guest professors, meaning they are not permanent members of the university. As previously said, except for a few Ashoka departments, like economics and political science, other departments are not performing well. Because I consider myself to be a rising entrepreneur, I believe I would have fared better if the university’s culture had a strong entrepreneurial culture. While writing this, I am concerned about the future and what I will do to reach my objectives. I am a highly ambitious person, but I believe I will need to put in a lot of effort to make my dreams a reality. One of the things I’m struggling with right now is finding people that share the same mentality, since as we all know, finding the right people is never easy.




Hello, I’m writing to share my experience as a student at one of the world’s top liberal arts universities; Ashoka University.

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Atishay Khanna

Atishay Khanna

Hello, I’m writing to share my experience as a student at one of the world’s top liberal arts universities; Ashoka University.

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